Salisbury 2000

Salisbury 2000, solutions to Salisbury's transport problems.

Salisbury T2000 was set up in 1997, and aims to work with all the appropriate authorities to find solutions to Salisbury's transport problems.

We campaign for
improvements in the provision of public transport in the city and in rural areas
a reduction in car dependency
safer walking and cycling
increased use of rail for freight transport
We normally meet bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the month - for details of forthcoming meetings see the Events Diary.
Anyone interested in transport issues in Salisbury is welcome at these meetings.

Bypass by stealth

Is this a 'Bypass by stealth' ? Or should we believe the Government Ministers and County Council officers who tell us that extending the Relief Road to join the A36 across the Avon at Britford is not on the agenda?

The special environmental protection given to these water meadows was the reason the Southern Bypass scheme was cancelled in 1997 and now that protection is even stronger.

The Conservative and Independent Group on Salisbury District Council made their views on a potential southern bypass clear in a Press Release they issued on 21/5/2001:

"Ultimately, Salisbury must have, and will have, a bypass … we will continue to press Government for this much-needed road. As far as its route is concerned, we will direct officers to explore all the alternatives, especially in concert with the Harnham Relief Road".

Compare this with Wiltshire County Council's official view on the road, quoted in the Salisbury Journal on 10/2/2002:

'Tim Jones, highways improvement manager …. said that suggestions that the relief road be extended to join the A36 at Petersfinger could not be entertained. He said that was "not on the agenda